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MDI exists to serve people with disabilities by offering progressive development and employment opportunities in competitive business enterprises. 

Our jobs range from production and warehousing, to engineering, sales, vocational support and management opportunities.  MDI opportunities are in an integrated setting where individuals with disabilities work side-by-side with peers of varying skills & abilities.

If you are looking for job opportunities specifically at MDI, please review this section of our website.  If you are an individual with a disability and desire assistance in obtaining a job in the community, please read more about our Partners2Work program in the Programs portion of our website.

As a government contractor and provider of programs and services to people with disabilities, we may ask for additional information during the application process. This information helps us determine eligibility for programs. Only people who feel they may have a physical, visual, auditory, mental health, developmental, orthopedic or neurological condition that qualifies as a disability are recommended to voluntarily provide supplemental information in addition to the Employment Application and the EEO Disclosure.

Positives of Working at MDI

  • We offer challenging and rewarding jobs that provide the opportunity for personal growth as well as potential career advancement.
  • Established in 1964, MDI has a long and successful history.
  • MDI successfully combines our nonprofit mission with our product and service solutions for business customers.
  • MDI recognizes that each employee has their own unique abilities, skills and interests. In recognition of this, MDI provides individualized training and support for all employees.
  • Competitive wages and benefits.
  • MDI is a great work environment that is clean, safe and accessible. All sites are conveniently located and are drug, alcohol and tobacco-free.

I get the opportunity to do different things. I do them every day. I like to work with the people I am with and they teach me things and stuff like that.

Lonnie Jacobs, MDI Employee in Grand Rapids, 10 Years

MDI has allowed me the opportunity to learn many new job skills. I enjoy my co-workers and appreciate the help I receive. We work as a team to get the job done.

Mark Gentilini, MDI Employee in Hibbing, 17 Years

I have enjoyed working at the Capital.

Kirt Dahlman, MDI Employee in St Paul, 15 Years, Participant in the Capitol Fellowship Program.

In the 37 years that I have worked at MDI there have been many changes. Production lines and the equipment used to support them have improved to produce a higher quality, more sophisticated product . Processes have become consistent and the environment that our employees work in has improved. The one thing that has remained constant is MDI’s mission to provide meaningful employment for all of its’ employees.

Gary Flesland, MDI Plant Manager in Hibbing, 38 Years.

MDI is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer (EOE/AA). To learn more about the job opportunities available at MDI, click on the Job Listing Button for more details.

“The gift of opportunity is the most precious of all gifts.”

John DuRand, Founder of MDI, 1934-2008

“My favorite job is cleaning, I also work on the yard crew, sorting, routes and bailing bags. I love to work!”

Darrin Babcock, Deer River Hired Hands Employee


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