Assembly & Kitting Outsourcing

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Assembly & Kitting Outsourcing

Your Equipment & Our Labor and Facility

As companies grow, freeing up valuable time and resources is critical to increasing core operations. Keep moving toward your goals by outsourcing your assembly work to our capable MDI team. We provide customizable kitting and assembly services on your equipment in our ISO 13485 certified facility. 

Increase your productivity this quarter with a push from our reliable workforce -- we'll deliver your products on time, every time. 

Free up space and outsource your basic operations so you can stay focused on new products, projects, and business goals. 

Clients provide the equipment, and MDI offers certified facilities and capable labor.

The Benefits of Equipment Labor Outsourcing:

  • Provides consistent quality assurance
  • Offers ability to ramp up production
  • Frees up internal storage space
  • Increases labor resources

We also offer a controlled manufacturing 'White Room' for projects requiring a segregated work space.

Schedule a tour or contact us to learn more about MDI's convenient kitting and assembly services with your equipment and our labor. 

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