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Pints with a Purpose

Be part of a fun night raising money for fulfilling jobs for people with disabilities.

MDI transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing fulfilling job opportunities and training. A career at MDI gives people with disabilities the chance to think differently about themselves, to see themselves as competent and successful. Come support their success at Pints with a Purpose!


MDI Employee Puts CPR Skills To the Test

It was a typical Friday for Noah Patton, job coaching a fellow MDI employee at a Grand Rapids restaurant, until he saw an elderly woman choking in a nearby booth.

“I turned around and saw the woman hunched over struggling to breathe. As somebody said ‘she’s choking’ her head started to slowly fall as she stopped trying to cough.” Patton recalled.  “I just ran over and performed the Heimlich and hoped for the best.”


2017 MDI Annual Report

MDI is pleased to release its 2017 annual report. This comprehensive report features success stories from our employees, highlights and milestones, facts and figures, and much more.

In 2017, MDI employed 387 people, 167 of whom were people with disabilities. The year ended with revenues of $20.6M.

Many great accomplishments occurred throughout the year including the...

MDI Receives Progress MN Award

MDI recently received the Finance & Commerce 2018 Progress Minnesota award on April 5, 2018. The awards, now in their seventh year, recognize those individuals and companies who are driving business and industrial growth and economic development in Minnesota in unique ways.

This year, the categories were: Economic Development, Entrepreneur, Technology...

A Father's Love Symphony

Being a parent of a child with a disability is a different journey than others may experience. This song and video is written and produced as a tribute to a father's love for their daughter and a tribute to the unconditional love parents have for their child(ren) with a disability.

Credit: The song and video is written and produced by Mike...

MDI has a long history with and continues to invest in its social enterprise model on workforce inclusion for people with disabilities.

Original article was published on October 8, 2016.
On Minnesota's Iron Range, employer makes bold gamble on inclusion for people with disabilities
One Iron Range firm makes strides toward inclusivity for people with disabilities. 
Written by: Chris Serres, Star Tribune


The morning sky was still dark when...

Reusable Corrugated Plastic Box Manufactured by MDI Reduces Costs, Waste

For those in distribution, material-handling and manufacturing, containers can be a large portion of business cost and waste. The reusable, regular-slotted container (RSC) produced by MDI improves both of those...

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Segregation and inequality persist among Minnesotans with disabilities, study says

Nineteen years after a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling opened the doors to integration, thousands of Minnesotans with disabilities continue to live and work in segregated settings that keep them in poverty and limit their daily autonomy.

These are among the principal findings of the state’s first comprehensive survey examining the quality of...

Apple to offer new emjois for people with disabilties

Apple has outlined a series of emojis "to better represent individuals with disabilities," according to a proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium.

People on social media have been cheering for the long overdue representation. Emojis with hearing aids and using sign language, wheelchairs and white canes are among the...