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Reusable Corrugated Plastic Box Manufactured by MDI Reduces Costs, Waste

For those in distribution, material-handling and manufacturing, containers can be a large portion of business cost and waste. The reusable, regular-slotted container (RSC) produced by MDI improves both of those...

Replace Corrugated Paper With Reusable Corrugated Plastic

Recently, MDI was featured in Modern Materials Handling with the focus again around our corrugated plastic's reusability a concept that continues to be hot in the industry. Below is the feature.

Replace corrugated paper with reusable corrugated plastic boxes 
A line of corrugated plastic boxes is a cost effective alternative and long-lasting replacement for corrugated cardboard. Manufactured from...

Product Reusability and Durability Draw Attention

Recently, MDI corrugated plastics have received attention in several predominant, industry-leading trade publications. The concept of 'reusability' and 'durability' continue to be a trending topic, as people are looking towards longer-term packaging solutions. Below are the noted product features.


Modern Materials Handling Selects MDI Tote as Product of the Month

MDI Corrugated Plastic Totes were recently selected as a Product of the Month in the June 2017 Edition of Modern Materials Handling and Material Handling Product News.

The article highlights the corrugated plastic totes return and reuse in closed-loop supply chains. View feature here...