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Minnesota Diversified CEO: Disabilities belong in the diversity discussion

Peter McDermott has been president and CEO of Minneapolis-based nonprofit Minnesota Diversified Industries for about a decade. During that time, he's helped the manufacturer grow to over 500 employees while keeping the company centered on its mission of providing jobs for people with disabilities. He's also leading a diversification push to expand its offerings...

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Manufacturing’s untapped workforce: People with disabilities

Columnist Neal St. Anthony recently shed light on a critical issue for Minnesota-based manufacturers — finding long-term workers (“Manufacturers seek future workforce,” Dec. 10). There are incredible programs across the state that are working to help close the skills gap and build a strong manufacturing workforce. At MDI, we’ve...

Helping Hands

You remember your last big conference, right? You arrived and grabbed a coffee and a tote bag containing the materials you’d refer to throughout the event. As the keynote speaker was being introduced, you dipped into the bag and retrieved the day’s agenda, a pen, and a pad of paper, all imprinted with conference branding. A few hundred of your fellow conference participants got identical bags stuffed with the same stack of materials.