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Hibbing Facility to Host an Open House

Tour our new facility & see how the products directly impact the lives of people with disabilities.

For over 50 years, non-profit MDI has created self-sufficiency by providing meaningful employment in an inclusive environment with nearly half of the employees people with disabilities. Tour our new facility and see how our Social Enterprise model is making a difference in the community.

When: ...

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Social Enterprise Alliance: Twin Cities Profile

MDI is a manufacturing organization that provides standard and custom packaging solutions, production services, and environmental services for business-to-business customers. We manufacture corrugated plastic products; a wide variety of totes, trays, boxes rolls and sheets of plastic, used by distribution and warehouse centers, retail, manufacturing and agriculture businesses all over the country. MDI provides production services such as kitting,...

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A Harsh Economy

People with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed as those without a disability.

    The poverty rate for working-age adults with disabilities is 3X that of individuals without disabilities. Nearly 28% of working-age adults with a disability were living below the poverty line in 2011, double the percentage for other workers. Nearly half of all working-age adults in poverty have a disability. Household income for individuals...
Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise isn’t new. It is alive and well in Minnesota.

A practical theory works in providing products to the business community and jobs for people with disabilities.

Quietly – for over 50 years – an organization in Minnesota, initiated and developed a working theory of Social Enterprise and now continues to refine it in practice. MDI is a manufacturing organization that provides standard and custom packaging solutions, production and fulfillment services, and environmental services for business...

Social Enterprise

The Three Values that Drive Social Enterprises

Value in Products, Value in Relationships and Valued People

Very often we see ourselves and believe others see us as a person with skills. Just as often, our value is determined by the skills we have mastered and display. And almost always, those skills are related to work.

It would then follow that individuals perceived with lesser skills are lower on the value ladder and have limited access to work. There are many groups that face these...

The Affirmative Enterprise

Social Enterprise: 50 Years in the Making

“Liberty requires opportunity to make a living – a living which gives a person not only enough to live by, but something to live for.”  – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

John DuRand wasn’t thinking of history when he founded MDI in 1964.  His objective was simple – and is still realized today – providing job opportunities for...