‘Tis the season of giving


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‘Tis the season of giving

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Tis the season for giving and donating to your favorite charity's end-of-the year holiday drive.  At MDI, we get into the spirit through our annual United Way fundraiser.  Each location does something different to raise dollars - and our employee's sure get creative!

This year, staff cooked and sold soup/baked goods, 'took a pie-in-the-face', drew a key to unlock a box and win an Action Camera, played spin-the-wheel, raced with eggs, tie-dyed shirts, and there was dress up (lots of dress up)....the list goes on.

MDI raised $9,311 for United Way! Cheers, to all those who participated, and a big round of applause to Cohasset for most dollars raised.

  • Hibbing - $1,294
  • Twin Cities - $1,417
  • Grand Rapids - $3,100
  • Cohasset - $3,500

But enough about us. Take a look at what United Way is all about, it's a neat organization consisting of nearly 1,800 local agencies in over 40 countries, with 99% of donations staying locally. Learn more about United Way and how you can give back or get involved.

Happy Holidays!

<Pictures Below Taken From MDI's United Way Week>