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A Stroke Won't Keep Him Down

Korey was a healthy, young man, just 23 years old when he suffered a major stroke. He spent five months between the hospital and rehab center to regain movement in his back. He was then discharged and moved in with his sister for a year. Korey wanted to work; he wanted to support himself and to be independent again. He found a job washing dishes at a small cafe, and later returned to outpatient therapy to regain even more mobility. A year later Korey started working at a fast food restaurant and worked his way up to a management position.  

Five years ago Korey was hired by MDI for all the things he can do. Korey is a crucial employee on the manufacturing floor. He enjoys the variety of products MDI produces. Today Korey, his wife, and her two sons enjoy the flexible hours MDI offers. He is able to get the kids off to school and then go into work. Korey is also an entrepreneur, creating beautiful lamps, clocks, and candle holders from diamond willow. 

At MDI, we believe all people have the right, to work, to contribute to society, and to be independent. With your continued support, hundreds of people with disabilities like Korey are given the chance to succeed - and to love their life.

With your donation, MDI is able to offer on-site support services to help Korey and other's with a disabilities succeed, recognizing their ability, and aligning the right type of job and accommodations to help them maximize their effectiveness. Can you help?  Donate through Give To The Max.

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Thanks to a generous family, they will match donations on Give To The Max, up to $3,000.

A 2016 Wilder Research study found each $1 donated to MDI produces a social return on investment (SROI) of $4.87.