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Protective Foam Packaging

MDI combines custom protective foam packaging with custom package design. Designs that fit your product protection requirements, not an off-the-shelf solution.

The right protective packaging foam wrapped in a durable, rugged container. Product protection in manufacturing, storage, transportation and display.

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Product Protection       Damage Reduction       Cost Reduction
MDI offers polyethylene foam packaging solutions using a complete range of foams. Foam fabrication by leading-edge processes. Quick turnarounds on prototypes and production. Work with a partner that has cross-industry experience and manufactures millions of packages.  

Custom Foam Packaging Solutions

  • Electronic components and medical devices: static dissipative, anti-static and conductive foam
  • Sensitive instruments & devices: impact & shock prevention, vibration absorption, transport and storage protection
  • High value, fragile protective foam: cushioning & non-abrasive class-a surface foam
  • Hard demo cases, instrumentation and tool inventory control inserts: protect instruments, devices and tools for shipment, handling and presentation, and foam inserts are reusable and recyclable

Design Our designers will work with your specifications and create a design with superior product protection. We know and will recommend the best foam - and design a solution to meet your product and budget requirements. Combining the right foam and a plastic outer shell is the ultimate in protection. 

Fabrication There are several fabrication processes for each type of foam and application. Processes include: waterjet cutting, wire-cutting, die-cutting, molding, contour cut, and vertical & horizontal slitting.

Assembly Services Foam can be assembled and inserted/glued into containers and cases. Rapid turnaround on custom foam packaging designs and production. Quick turnaround on standard protective foam applications: blocking and bracing, end-caps, top & bottom caps, rails & dividers and dunnage.

Protective Foam Material Descriptions
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