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Contract Production Services

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Your Project. Our Expertise.

MDI's contract production services are an extension of your workforce, helping you meet and manage increased activity spikes, go to market faster, and keep your production process consistent.  

Proactive Solutions & Service
Our spacious warehouse, and highly-capable team, offer retailers, manufacturers, and distributors the ability to direct ship items in bulk, unitize, create custom kits, shrink wrap, barcode, label, inspect, and rework.  With a plethora of production service capabilities, every project is quoted based on customer needs, through a dedicated sales manager who will get to know your projects intricacies, budget, and timeline.  We offer cost-competitive solutions, with reliable quality and on-time delivery.

Consistent quality is our focus, built on years of experience.
All projects are completed using the ISO 9001:2015 process. Team members are trained and lead by line leads who map efficient methods, and build in quality checks, to ensure specifications are met and projects are delivered on-time.

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We are 9001:2015 certified and FDA registered food handing facility for secondary packaging. We offer a controlled 'White Room' environment for projects requiring a segregated work space.

2 people assembly of product

Assembly & Kitting

• Collating, assembly, personalization, and labeling of direct mail packages
• Assembly and packaging of retail product gift sets
• School, trade show, and event kits
• Manual and semi-automated systems

Packaging & Shrink Wrapping

• Shrink wrap packaging services and bundling
• Retail packaging and POP display assembly
• Boxing, bulk packaging, palletizing, and unitizing
• Multi-packs, tray packs, shrink wrap, and banding
• Bagging, pouching, heat sealing, and blister packaging

people inspecting production services

Product Inspection & Testing

• SKU rework – repair, assembly and resale packaging for new SKU
• Inspect, sort, assemble and product labeling services
• Product returns, overstock and liquidated product inspection, product repackaging services
• Quality testing services and documentation

White Room

• Enhanced levels of cleanliness for controlled environment assembly
• Sensitive or intricate item kitting and packaging

assembly of products

Industrial & Manufacturing Assembly Services

• Hardware parts sorting, kitting, labeling, and packaging
• Multi-part or component assembly and sub-assembly
• Light industrial and mechanical assembly
• Rework and repacking services