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Rework, Refurbish & Returns

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Capture Profit from Overstock, Liquidated & Returned product. 

MDI provides quality product repackaging services, including rework, refurbish, and resale packaging solutions.  Our dedicated workforce can help you maximize the value of unsold products and clear out inventory, by inspecting, sorting, and assembling your products for resale. With multiple product repackaing solutions all in one location, we can help you create new retail product kits with resale packaging services, look to undersold product and returns, or even trade the costs of disposal for revenue.

Why MDI Rework & Refurbishing?

  • Spacious facility with ability to bulk ship to location 
  • Capabilities to perform multiple product assembly solution in one location
  • Fast turnaround and topmost on-time delivery

Project Examples

  • Over 2 million liquidated products with labels removed, repackaged by product category, and packaged for shipment
  • Overstock DVDs inspected, sorted by category, and re-tagged for retail sale.
  • Liquidated apparel products unpacked, inspected for flaws, re-labeled, and re-packaged for retail sale.

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