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Logistics & Plastic Shipping Containers

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Logistics and transportation companies must ensure products move safely to their final destination. MDI reusable corrugated boxes help organize, ship, and store to save cost and improve efficiency while providing protection.

Our plastic boxes maximize space and help minimize errors while reducing damage to materials during packing, handling, stocking, and unpacking. MDI's plastic shipping containers can be customized to suit a specific distribution environment and designed to fit material handling conveyors. Made of corrugated plastic, our boxes help eliminate flimsy disposable packaging (such as cardboard) and reduce the cost of inbound freight for returned containers.

Logistic Plastic Solutions:

  • Save space by collapsing or nesting 
  • Reduce freight costs
  • Provide ergonomic handling & simple to use
  • Offer chemical resistance & waterproof properties
  • Provide ultimate heavy wear & tear protection for long lasting ROI

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Our Plastic Shipping Containers in Action

National transportation company uses MDI totes and trays to move packages from point A to point B.

The story begins with postal boxes sitting inside a plastic mail tote awaiting pickup. Upon receiving, the ergonomic tote with handles is loaded onto a truck, then to train and/or plane to a superhub. Here, the packages leave the tote. The mail tote is tightly stacked and stored. Mailed packages move along a belt, are scanned, resorted, and sent back out. When arriving at the next destination, packages are sorted into corrugated totes or mail trays to help safely transport the packages to their final destination. The corrugated plastic containers are emptied, returned, and reused over and over.