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Packaging Solutions

MDI is now extruding 3mm, 4mm and 5mm polypropylene in several color options.


Kitting Warehouse

Scale up your business with our ISO 9001 kitting and packaging services.

Products & Services
with Purpose

At MDI, every product we build, and services performed, provides inclusive employment for people with disabilities. Help the mission.

Purposeful & Powerful

Your size. Your style. Get the containers your business needs. See our products.

Production labor?

Corrugated Plastic Manufacturer
& Production Service Provider

We're in the business of helping companies store, push, pull and transport products around the country using reliable, reusable plastic solutions and skilled production services. Every product we build, and service performed, helps us provide inclusive employment for people with disabilities.

Our Products

Choose from MDI’s portfolio of standard totes, trays and boxes, or let us design you a custom plastic solution that fits your budget and application needs.

box with vegetable inside

Our Services

Cut costs, improve efficiency, and expand distribution across the country. We offer skilled labor, facility space, and ISO certifications to carefully package, kit and assemble your products with precision.

Inclusive Employment

We are committed to promoting a culture of inclusion, which provides stronger outcomes of our products and services.

When doing business with MDI, know you’re partnering with a socially responsible organization. 

How We Help Move Your Business Forward

Custom Corrugated Design

Get the right size and shape container to meet your specifications. Our in-house engineers will design a custom corrugated solution that stores and protects your products.

Competitive Pricing

Save time and money on production, labor, ISO certifications facility space and equipment. We have all the tools and resources you need to get to the market first.

Improved Efficiency

Tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to streamline your retail, agricultural or medical device assembly and packaging needs. We’ll make sure you never miss a deadline.

Customer Service

From start to finish, our account managers will ensure you receive the resources, communication and competitive pricing to hit your targets every quarter.

Quality Inspection and Certifications

Get peace of mind with MDI’s product testing and inspection services. We are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and FDA registered to help package and assemble sensitive products.

Socially Responsible Organization

When you partner with MDI, you’re getting more than products and services; you’re helping us make a bigger impact on our community by giving people with and without disabilities job sustainability.

Meet Some of Our Employees

Anthony’s Story

Anthony enjoys assembling Fortune 500 company totes in Cohasset, Minnesota.

Anthony’s Story

“A diverse work floor helps us to learn from each other. MDI employees are here to help one another learn the jobs and fit in to the team.”

Nick Wilkie

Nick serves on MDI's Board of Directors.

Nick Wilkie

"As someone with a disability, it’s important to see the strides MDI makes to change the perception of employment for all. People with disabilities want to work, have goals and live independent lives just like everyone else."

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer, a Machine Operator in Hibbing.

Jennifer Hart

“MDI challenges and trains me to perform in different areas of the work floor. Everyone is more excepting of our disabilities. I’ve enjoyed Careers Skills 101 and am looking forward to starting 201.”

Our Mission:
Accessible Employment

Serving people with disabilities by offering inclusive employment opportunities and employment services.

Mission and Values