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About MDI

MDI offers corrugated plastic products in a variety of totes, trays, boxes, bins, waterjet bricks, tree wraps, sheets, rolls and custom packaging. In addition, provides Production Services and Medical Device Packaging which includes contract labor for kitting, assembly, packaging and product testing. MDI is a non-profit with a mission to serve people with disabilities by offering inclusive employment opportunities and services.

Our Mission
An Industry Partner

MDI has years of experience working with numerous industries including manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, retail, distribution, government, consumer packaged goods, medical and more. We’ve partnered with businesses across the country to help solve tough industry challenges by offering high-quality plastic products and production labor. MDI is ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, an FDA registered food handling facility for secondary packaging, and FDA registered for medical device assembly and packaging.