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Kitting Services for Medical Devices

From at-home testing kits to PPE assembly, medical packaging is ever-changing. When it comes to the medical industry, safety and cleanliness around medical supplies is imperative; that’s where medical device kitting services come into play. We make it our business to know the industry and operate safely within its guidelines.

The supply and demand of medical devices are growing. Having a business that can help you meet that supply and demand is the key to success. Our medical kitting services can help you maximize your ROI.

What Is Medical Kitting?

Hospitals and doctor’s offices have tons of supplies they get sent for various uses. The medical kitting process involves packing multiple medical supplies in one kit to send to hospitals and doctor’s offices to cut down on clutter and avoid oversight.

We provide medical kitting services, including assembling, packing, and shipping medical supplies. This service helps lower the overall cost for you and anyone you supply products to.

Our team packs products like first-aid kits, surgical drapery, and numerous OEM medical products. The packing is done in a clean and organized environment. This helps reduce the possibility of contamination and future recalls.

Kitting streamlines the packing process and reduces labor costs, making the whole process faster and easier.


How Our Medical Kitting Services Can Help You

Distributing your medical devices and products is simplified with kitting; you control the process while we provide the means to keep up with the supply and demand of your consumers.

One of the obstacles to distributing medical supplies is the fact that multiple elements are included that each have different needs. These products all exist under different SKUs, making them hard to organize and keep together in one package. We can combine all those SKUs into one package and save your company money in the long run.

This streamlining using medical product kitting services means your overhead costs will be lower as it draws from one location rather than multiple. Along with kitting, we will package and label your products to ensure they get to the customer in perfect condition.

Our experience is connected to our efficiency. Medical device kitting is unique and can be challenging to streamline as it involves a sterile environment alongside organization and more to ensure the product stays safe and intact. It also varies from brand to brand, with medical companies needing custom standards for their product that may conflict with others.

We know that no two businesses are alike, so to provide a tailored fit, we can customize our services to better help you with what you need.

Our company has certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA, which make us qualified for services such as:

  • Private label kitting and assembly
  • Customized surgical drapes folding and cutting
  • Custom medical drapes packaging
  • Disposable healthcare products
  • Custom fluid kits
  • Medical product manufacturing
  • Packaging and assembly
  • Labeling and inventory
  • OEM services

The above are just a few of the services we offer. Our qualifications allow us to handle and package sensitive materials that require unique packaging environments, which are often distributed to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and homes.

Packaging Services

Our qualified team offers packing services for your medical devices to streamline your medical sales process. We always utilize high-quality packaging materials that keep the product safe throughout the whole process.

Using medical kitting services saves time, keeping all the products in one central location and making the packaging process easier for workers. Rather than going to multiple places to get the products, using a central location allows the packaging to be done faster, and faster packing means your products are going out to consumers at a faster and cheaper rate.

Our team also utilizes white rooms for safer packaging. These are specially sanitized rooms for packaging medical devices. These rooms ensure that during the packaging process, everything stays sterile and is free from contamination before it’s sent off.

Customizing Your Products

Besides being able to customize your scheduling, you can also customize your packaging to fit your pre-existing storage and distribution lines. We can offer a variety of packaging kits for you to choose from to best fit your medical product kitting needs.

Modern assembly lines are often automated, but we have made it our priority to offer services that can be more time-consuming. Not all packaging tasks can be automated, so we excel at hand packaging and semi-hand assembly. Our services can accommodate uniquely-shaped objects or items with special requirements for storage.

With our experience in a wide variety of packaging, we’ve accumulated items you can choose from to keep your products safe and secure, including:

  • Gift Packs
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Repalletizing
  • Boxes
  • Bins

Having the option for customization allows you to control the process while lowering overhead. This allows you to focus on your business as a whole and employ us to handle the little but necessary things.

Labeling Your Products

Packaging multiple products can result in many SKUs and labels that can get confusing and time-consuming. Having errors when it comes to labels can lead to a ton of issues down the line. Our trusted team uses only professional workers trained to handle your packing with the utmost care.

We will label all your products, including private labeling, to successfully deliver the product to the consumer. Private labeling involves various products being labeled and shipped under one name.

This is great for medical kits that include many different devices that need to be sent and delivered together. Utilizing private labeling allows you to sell your kits at a higher price, giving you a better return on your investment.

Product Testing & Inspection

In addition to services like kitting for hospitals, we can also offer product testing and inspection to ensure the items you are using and delivering to your clients meet regulation standards.

We have the ability to provide visual and manual testing in a variety of fields with industry-standard equipment or equipment that has been customized for your unique business needs.

The results we receive can then be delivered for quality assurance, scientific, or technical parameters.

These testing and inspection services allow you to do more than just meet and exceed standards. We have the ability to check stock in a thorough and methodical manner and also allows you to thrive during busy times such as product recalls that affect your whole inventory.

Whether your product was involved with a recall or you are simply ensuring that your customers are kept safe and informed, our team has protocols and services available that streamline checking and processing inventory with a high accuracy rate.

We can also assist with processing overstock, liquidation, and formulating a custom process to assist with refunding returned items. These services are essential for a happy customer, but they don’t need to take time away from your employees’ daily tasks, which are more important to productivity.

Scaling Your Business

When it comes to a business overhead, things can get quite costly down the line. Finding a way to balance lower costs while maintaining productivity is key to a successful business. Our medical product kitting services can help you cut overhead costs and increase productivity.

We understand that a successful business will often experience higher sales and growth periods that can be difficult to keep up with, even if they only last for a few months. More sales mean more kitting, packaging, and shipping. Our specialties can be a key resource for this time.

Scaling a business effectively and sustainably can be expensive and, if not done correctly with outside help, can result in a decrease in sales and an increase in costs.

Tasks like hiring additional employees just for these periods can be time-consuming and costly as new employees often require additional time for training in your business practice. Our teams already have this training and can adapt quickly to your needs.

That’s not all, outsourcing for packaging and shipping materials can be costly, too. Using our kitting services keeps the outsourcing to a minimum.

Having all your packaging and distribution happen in one area cuts costs in labor and packaging. It also allows you to meet supply and demand at a faster rate. All these tools come together to enhance your medical device sales.

Next Steps

Meeting the demand of your consumers can be challenging. Every year, more people are looking for virtual and at-home medical services. The businesses that can offer these services or outsource to a knowledgeable company will most likely be the ones to succeed.

The medical device kitting services we offer can help you tap into that at home market by kitting and shipping your medical devices to homes. We can fully streamline the process by utilizing our space, time, and workers so your business can prosper.

Using our services speeds up the packaging and shipping process, allowing you to meet the demand without losing any return on your investment. As a medical device manufacturer or distributor, ensuring consumers are happy is key. Remember: MDI is here to help.

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