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Gain a Competitive Edge with Product Inspection & Quality Testing Services

MDI offers product inspection and quality testing to help you gain a competitive edge and find opportunities for additional sales revenue. Our skilled workforce have the experience to provide visual or manual inspection, along with the capability to use customers equipment to test and document results for scientific, engineering, or quality assurance functions.

How Can MDI's Product Inspection Services & Testing Help?

  • During a product recall or return inspection
  • Ensuring return, overstock, or liquidated products get inspected, re-packaging, and back to market
  • Perform product and performance testing to manufacturers specifications requirements

MDI is ISO 9001:2015 certified, an FDA registered food handling facility, and has a controlled manufacturing environment for project requiring a segregated work space.

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Projects Examples:

  • ATV manufacturer with parts and accessories manufactured offshore – parts inspected, reworked, and shrink-wrapped for shipment
  • Food safety testing product inspected for defects, packaged in kits, and assembled for shipment
  • Inspecting small hardware parts for defects, kitting for retail sale, assemble for shipment
  • Testing of roofing shingles for material and composition specifications compliance

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    ISO Certified and FDA Registered

    MDI is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified to perform in-house kitting and assembly for businesses that represent the medical and food industries. We offer a dedicated white room to complete medical device assembly and perform product testing and inspection to ensure the highest quality standards.


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    Employee Testimonials

    Caden Kocheuar

    Caden Kocheuar

    “We work side by side with everyone, some people with disabilities and some without. Everyone helps each other to get the job done.”

    Dane Beise

    Dane a Quality Assurance Tech

    Dane Beise

    “Here, my ideas matter. Even if they are not used, there's at least a discussion to find the right course of action. It’s a 'family-like' culture here, something I’ve never seen. Everyone cares about their job and for others, picking each other up when we need to.

    Jeremiah Specht

    Jeremiah enjoys welding postal totes at the Cohasset facility.

    Jeremiah Specht

    “MDI has given me the chance to build my skills to make me a better employee. It’s important to teach new employees the rules so they can grow their skills, too.”