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Safeguard Your Finished Product

For a reliable solution to shield your construction site, look no further than MDI's polypropylene corrugated plastic sheets for temporary protection.

MDI’s top-notch polypropylene plastic sheets are perfect for safeguarding walls, molding, floors, and glass surfaces at construction sites. Tough yet easy to handle, cut, and install, our plastic sheeting offers a lightweight alternative to traditional one-time-use material. Resistant to water, impacts, and chemicals, these sheets are reusable, recyclable, and non-toxic. Whether you’re tackling construction, remodeling, painting, or drywall, polypropylene sheets are shock absorbent, resist punctures, and protect against spills and stains. MDI’s plastic sheets have got you covered. So, why settle for less when you can trust in MDI’s toughness, versatility, and efficiency to get the job done right?


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Applications in Construction

Discover the many ways polypropylene sheets can level up your construction game with its toughness, versatility, and ability to allow airflow. Here are just a few applications:

  • Wall Protection and Temporary Walls
  • Floor Protection (Walking and Machinery)
  • Window & Glass Protection
  • Door Protection/Temporary Kick Plate
  • Surface Protection for Fixtures
  • Temporary Partitions
  • Roofing Protection
  • Scaffolding Wraps
  • Formwork in Concrete

Polypropylene plastic sheets aren’t just tough – they are your construction site’s secret weapon for keeping things running smoothly and efficiently

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  • Floor Protection

  • Competitive Price

  • Wall Protection

  • One Pallet Minimum Order

  • Resistant to Water, Chemicals and Outdoor Elements

  • Quick Turnaround Times

Polypropylene Plastic Sheets, Packaging and Container Solutions

MDI is a manufacturer of high-quality polypropylene plastic packaging, sheets, and containers. Our vertical integration provides:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick lead times
  • Enhanced design capabilities

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Some of MDI’s Customers:

Plastic Solutions for All Industries

From mailrooms to warehouses – fruit fields to medical labs – you’ll find MDI corrugated plastic.  Our packaging solutions are used in applications across multiple industries, including logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, agricultural and more.


Standard Products

Made in the USA

MDI distinguishes itself as a high-quality plastics extruder and manufacturer through its commitment to American-made excellence, with four facilities located in Minnesota.

Experts to Help with Custom Packaging

Certain applications require unique accessories (partitions, placards, hand holds, etc), colors and other custom features. At MDI, we’ll help you find a plastic container with the right size, shape and features to meet your unique needs.

Tap into our dedicated sales and engineering team, who are available to help with product design, CAD modeling and CNC prototyping.

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