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Protecting Warehouse & Distribution Centers from Product Damage

We’ll help you keep products in prime condition before they reach their final destination. And because our plastic containers offer stronger performance, you’ll also save money on buying less replacement packaging.

Increases productivity & picking accuracy

A mis-pick can be a terribly expensive. Enhance your storage layout and flow of picks with custom or standard totes and bins for warehouses.  

Reducing product damage

Choosing the right equipment is imperative to a successful material handling system. MDI can design an economic and durable solution that fits new or existing systems.

Saving floor space

Move, protect, store and control materials throughout manufacturing floor with our stackable, storable on-floor or overhead containers.

Providing reusability & in return cost savings

Using plastic reusable packaging can help you meet your lean and sustainability goals at an economical price.

Build Your Own Corrugated Containers

Need a custom solution? Try our easy-to-use custom product builder to fit the specifications you need to keep your business moving forward.