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Reliable Medical Assembly Services

Competing in today's medical device service industry requires high precision, a clean, controlled environment, and flexibility to meet changes in supply and demand.

We're here to provide reliable domestic medical device contract packaging, kitting and assembly services. From medical drapes to device assembly, we offer competitive pricing, ISO certifications and dedicated service.

Packaged with Care & Precision

Based in Minnesota, our contract manufacturing services support businesses in the healthcare sector, including OEM medical device manufacturers.

MDI has the flexibility to customize its services and can evaluate the purchase of specialized equipment to fit your essential requirements. Our skilled workforce will handle and package your private label products using the highest industry standards.


ISO Certified & FDA Registered

As an ISO13485 certified organization, we support medical companies across the United States with a spacious facility and newly designed white room. 

Our white room offers quality control for sensitive packaging and assembly, and all materials we assemble operate under strict quality guidelines to provide a clean space and prevent contamination.

Skilled Manual Assembly

Our employees are trained and professionally coached to package, kit and manually assemble your medical devices, so you stay on schedule and deliver your life-saving equipment to the market faster and with more precision.

Medical Assemble

Medical Device Assembly Helps Us Support a Greater Purpose

At MDI, we see plastics and production differently. Our medical assembly, kitting and packaging services do more than help healthcare providers and patients across the country; they create meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. 

To learn how we can support your medical device assembly needs, and how you can make a difference in the lives of our employees, request a quote today!