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Disability Awareness for Kids

Kids learn generally learn from their parents how to react or what to say or do when they see a person with a disability? What have you taught your children??

Most children are curious and are looking for simple answers to their questions regarding why someone looks different. A parent’s reaction to and the teaching of their children are varied and no two parenting techniques are alike. Parents can start early teaching their children...

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$4.87 for $1 Dollar

Wilder Research’s July 2016 study of MDI reports for each dollar donated to or spend with MDI, there is a social return on investment (SROI) of $4.87.

MDI’s social enterprise business model provides careers for people with disabilities in a manufacturing setting. Wilder focused the analysis on personal benefits from...

MDI Hired Hands Grand Opening July 28, 2016

MDI's Hired Hands Moves to Cohasset

Join MDI for a luncheon at the new facility in Cohasset located at 1001 NW 3rd Street, Cohasset, MN
Thursday, July 28, 2016, 11:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Enjoy a tour, music, and prize drawing. First 200 people will receive a free MDI tote!

MDI’s Hired Hands employees are moving from Deer River to the former Terex/Technimar building at 1001 NW 3rd Street, providing...

Wells Fargo MDI

Look What Wells Fargo Did for MDI

Thanks to a $16,000 grant from Wells Fargo, MDI was able to  purchase a new piece of manufacturing machinery. Here's Jeff Gervais, MDI’s, Operations Manager, with the shrink packaging system. The DEM combo shrink system combines a heavy duty L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel for packing, sealing and shrinking products. The machine can be used with a wide range...

Social Enterprise

What is a Social Enterprise Business Model?

The Evolution and Spectrum of Non-Profit Organizations

A social enterprise is one of several organizational types delivering services and opportunities to their respective communities. Non-profits have a business model and the graphic below brings greater clarity to the options available in supporting a specific cause and community.

Business models progress from traditional charity to pure profit. Social Enterprises fit the middle of the...