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Blog Posts from February 2016

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Social Enterprise

The Three Values that Drive Social Enterprises

Value in Products, Value in Relationships and Valued People

Very often we see ourselves and believe others see us as a person with skills. Just as often, our value is determined by the skills we have mastered and display. And almost always, those skills are related to work.

It would then follow that individuals perceived with lesser skills are lower on the value ladder and have limited access to work. There are many groups that face these...

Polar Bear Plunge

Have You Ever Braved the Frigid Winter Waters of Minnesota?

A minute of cold… for a moment of joy. The Polar Plunge challenges thousands of people in Minnesota to jump in the clear, blue icy waters of Minnesota. The Plunge supports Special Olympics in Minnesota. This is the 19th year for The Plunge. In 2015 there were 15,500 participants that raised $4 Million. That supports over 8000 athletes and multiple events in Minnesota. 

How about 20,000 participants and $5...

Best Life Alliance

Providing Quality Care and Supervision to MN’s Most Vulnerable

Those That Support People with Disabilities Need our Support

Everyday thousands of Minnesotans go to work knowing they could make more money in a different field yet are dedicated to their career choice of supporting people with disabilities in their homes and at their jobs. These dedicated workers have some of the lowest wages in the state and have responsibility to support people in the state with the most significant disabilities...

The Affirmative Enterprise

Social Enterprise: 50 Years in the Making

“Liberty requires opportunity to make a living – a living which gives a person not only enough to live by, but something to live for.”  – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

John DuRand wasn’t thinking of history when he founded MDI in 1964.  His objective was simple – and is still realized today – providing job opportunities for...