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Blog Posts from March 2016

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MDI Cohasset


March 14, 2016 – MDI is pleased to announce today that the organization has officially purchased a 110,000 square foot facility and adjacent land in Cohasset, Minnesota. This investment is in direct support of MDI’s strategies for expanding the business and adding employment opportunities for people with and without disabilities. “We are very excited about the possibilities this facility will provide for MDI’s current and future operations. We...

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise isn’t new. It is alive and well in Minnesota.

A practical theory works in providing products to the business community and jobs for people with disabilities.

Quietly – for over 50 years – an organization in Minnesota, initiated and developed a working theory of Social Enterprise and now continues to refine it in practice. MDI is a manufacturing organization that provides standard and custom packaging solutions, production and fulfillment services, and environmental services for business...

Support the Success of Employees with Disabilities with an Investment in Impact

More capability. More business. More jobs.     

The timing is right for you to help purchase machinery for MDI to enter the foam packaging business. Foam is custom- designed to protect products during manufacturing, transport, storage and display and can be cut into any shape and size for electronics, medical, automotive, retail, and more.

Three machines will help MDI transform our business:

Spread the Word…

Join MDI on March 2nd to raise awareness of the hurtfulness of the R-word. The R-word is exclusive, offensive and derogatory.

The campaign asks people to pledge to stop saying the R-word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people....

John Stemper

New Director of Product Development

John Stemper has joined MDI as Director of Product Development and New Ventures. His primary responsibilities are to strategically identify, assess, and pursue, products or services to enhance MDI’s revenue generation and employment opportunities. This position will work closely with all departments and in particular sales, manufacturing, finance and MDI’s...