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Blog Posts from April 2016

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A Harsh Economy

People with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed as those without a disability.

    The poverty rate for working-age adults with disabilities is 3X that of individuals without disabilities. Nearly 28% of working-age adults with a disability were living below the poverty line in 2011, double the percentage for other workers. Nearly half of all working-age adults in poverty have a disability. Household income for individuals...

MDI Shout out: Thank you, Otto Bremer Foundation!

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation, MDI was able to purchase a much-needed piece of manufacturing machinery. Here’s Beth, one of the MDI team leads, with the BEL erector and sealer. It’s super user-friendly, so several employees with and without disabilities are able to run it with tremendous efficiency, making the forming, packing and...

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Employment Outcome Report

Employment planning services are designed to assist a person seeking employment to learn about employment opportunities within the community and to make informed decisions. Employment planning services are individualized to assist a person to choose employment outcomes and/or career development opportunities based on his or her preferences, strengths, abilities, and needs. Services begin from a presumption of employability for all persons and seek to...

Three Biggest Myths about Working While on Disability Benefits

An individual can spend months, sometimes years, applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits. Going back to work after a long period out of the workforce can be nerve racking on its own. Having to think about what will happen to one’s disability benefits when working can make things all the more stressful. Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program has debunked three of the...