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Blog Posts from December 2018

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Hiring People With Disabilities Is Good Business

"For years, companies have maintained low expectations about hiring people with disabilities. Most of these companies believed that employees with disabilities could not perform well in the workplace and that actively hiring them would drag company performance and profits down.

Thankfully, over time, many employers have come to understand that these perceptions are untrue. And new research strongly suggests that the opposite — that...

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The perfect gift for people with disabilities? A job.

This holiday season, people are looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones. For millions of qualified, talented and dedicated Americans with disabilities, what they want is a job.

Our nation was founded on the principle that anyone who works hard should be able to get ahead in life. People with disabilities deserve an equal opportunity to earn an income and achieve independence...

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Manufacturing’s untapped workforce: People with disabilities

Columnist Neal St. Anthony recently shed light on a critical issue for Minnesota-based manufacturers — finding long-term workers (“Manufacturers seek future workforce,” Dec. 10). There are incredible programs across the state that are working to help close the skills gap and build a strong manufacturing workforce. At MDI, we’ve...

Your Gift Can Empower People

At MDI we focus on the strengths and talent of people with disabilities. Our team has made MDI a highly successful manufacturer of logistics containers and provider of services for dozens of business-to-business customers.

We are a sustainable nonprofit and a pioneer in social enterprise; the more products and services we deliver, the more jobs we create for people with disabilities.

Karen moved out of a group...