MDI’s Corrugated Plastic Solution for a Leading E-commerce Company

The world’s largest e-commerce company had noisy plastic containers on conveyor systems that didn’t meet OSHA standards. Initially, finding a way to fix it would be expensive and time-consuming.

The company first tried fiberboard containers to reduce noise, but they had a short lifespan, needed frequent replacement, and caused issues with barcodes on the conveyers.

MDI created custom corrugated plastic containers. These containers met OSHA noise standards, had a longer lifespan, and didn’t interfere with barcodes. Hardboard was also incorporated to enhance the weight and stability of the totes to ensure smoother transition while on conveyers. 

The reinforced corrugated plastic totes were a great economic solution: meeting noise standards, lasting over a year, and running smoothly without barcode or conveyor issues.

MDI’s Corrugated Plastic Solution for a Leading E-commerce Company MDI’s flexible and innovative corrugated plastic solution successfully solved the problem, proving durable, less costly and efficient for the e-commerce company’s distribution centers.

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