Scaling the Success of Written Hugs with MDI’s Kitting Services

Written Hugs, a greeting card company focused on mental health awareness, needed help to handle a potential surge in demand when expanding to Home Goods. The owner sought a kitting and assembly partner due to limited labor resources.

As a small operation, the owner was uncertain about managing increased volume and meeting Home Goods’ strict vendor policies. Finding a kitting partner became crucial to handle tasks like boxing, labeling, and shipping.

After contacting MDI, the owner was able to work with them on a custom solution that would address the strict vendor policies, and make sure to meet customer demand. With MDI, Written Hugs was able to produce 8k to 10k units per day within the timeline and still maintain their product quality.

MDI being ISO 9001 certified, their attention to detail, and quality assurance processes instilled confidence in the company. They took ownership of the Written Hugs brand, resulting in successful scaling and meeting Home Goods’ demand.

Partnering with MDI enabled Written Hugs to overcome vendor requirements, expand production capacity and reach a broader audience with Written Hugs. The Written Hugs brand is now a staple at Home Goods and maintains it collaboration with MDI today.

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