Kids learn generally learn from their parents how to react or what to say or do when they see a person with a disability? What have you taught your children??

Most children are curious and are looking for simple answers to their questions regarding why someone looks different. A parent’s reaction to and the teaching of their children are varied and no two parenting techniques are alike. Parents can start early teaching their children disability awareness and some basic etiquette on how to interact with a person with a disability. Here are a few tips when teaching children about disabilities.

  1. It’s okay to ask questions…don’t get mad at a curious child.
  2. Being different isn’t a negative thing…we should be accepting of everyone’s differences.
  3. Always ask before giving assistance…everyone wants to be as independent as possible.
  4. Parents be aware of how you react to people…your children are watching.
  5. Looking is okay but not for too long.
  6. Watch movies that positively portray people with disabilities.

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