Vets Day


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Happy Vets Day

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Thanks to all the vets our there for all you have done for our great country! Also, a special call out for our vet employees:

  1. Eugene V. Albert
  2. Ordell Bernardy
  3. Bruce Braun
  4. James Forbord
  5. Larri Gunderson
  6. Michael Sundberg
  7. Steven Van Horn
  8. Ken Nygren
  9. Dale Majerus
  10. Jim Nason
  11. Scott Olson
  12. Sean Kuck
  13. Duane Haugen
  14. Dale Huss
  15. Mike Sikkila
  16. James Saunders
  17. Terry Rutherford
  18. Deanne Pilliard