Hired Hands Cold Weather Policy and Recycling Info


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Hired Hands Cold Weather Policy and Recycling Info

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Cold Weather Policy for Cub Foods

Acceptable Recyclables for Cub Foods Drop-Off

Cub Foods Drop-Off Closed December 24th

MDI Hired Hands Cold Weather Policy:

If the air temperature/real feel (combination of actual temperature and wind chill) is at or below -15 at 8:00am Cub Foods will be cancelled for that particular Saturday. 

MDI will attempt to make this decision based on weather forecasts by 3:00pm on Friday. MDI will also notify KMFY/KOZY of the closure and post to our website/social media site. 

Acceptable Recyclables at Cub Foods Drop-Off Locations

Hired Hands accepts most post-consumer recyclables.
Include: aluminum, tin, clean plastics 1-7 (absolutely no medical waste), cardboard (must be clean and contain no styrofoam), paper (sheets of office paper, newspaper and magazines- please separate ), shredded office paper is accepted but must be kept separate from other items, and plastic bags (please separate by type).

Non-Acceptable Items by Hired Hands

Include: medical waste, styrofoam, large metal: grills, siding, vinyl siding, shingles, electronic/electric devices, propane tanks, food bags and wrappers, food waste, diapers, helium tanks, hoses, wood, tarps, large toys (sleds/slides/swings, fischer price/little tykes plastic toys), pvc  pipe/plastic piping, blinds, and fuel cans (plastic or metal).