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MDI, a pioneer in workforce inclusion, seeks further expansion

March 1, 2021

MDI, a pioneer in workforce inclusion, seeks further expansion

“I clean everything a human might touch,” Reinardy said.

Reinardy, who has a disability that sure doesn’t impede his diligence and enthusiasm, is also an award-winning, multiyear volunteer at the Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul.

Nearby, a group of employees with a job coach checked seals and packaged nozzles and cans of lubricant for industrial customer Graco. They are part of a customized-solutions group that recycles, refurbishes and otherwise processes and packages a few million units annually of myriad products that are shipped from the Minneapolis plant.

In a newer business, MDI’s employees use computer-driven machinery to fabricate surgical curtains. They also assemble medical devices to FDA specifications and check and package diabetes kits, surgical gloves and water-quality test kits.

MDI, a 50-year pioneer in integrating people with disabilities into its workforce, also is expanding its cornerstone business of making durable, reusable plastic containers to ship, pack and protect products for several industries.

MDI has been a good financial performer over the last decade, as well as a shining example of the power of workforce inclusion. Its leaders have plans to expand the nonprofit manufacturer that employs 562 people, including nearly 190 with disabilities.

Read more from reporter Neal St. Anthony at the Star Tribune:

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