MINNEAPOLIS, June 14, 2017 – File and document storage can seem like a simple task yet pose security and cost challenges, such as keeping documents dry and finding boxes that don’t need to be annually replaced every year. MDI offers a more economical solution with new polypropylene plastic file boxes.

The durable boxes have a straight-wall construction for maximum capacity, and double-wall design on the ends and bottom for greater durability. Accounting and legal firms, banks and law enforcement can leverage the file boxes for dust- and fiber-free storage of documents, files, evidence and other important materials. The boxes also offer a sturdier storage option for manufacturers, retail, schools, business and home offices, medical institutions and moving services.

“Our newest file boxes can give more peace-of-mind when storing valuable documents and items,” said Barb Majerus, vice president of sales, MDI. “We are building our polypropylene portfolio of packaging offerings to meet customer demands for longer-lasting storage and transportation options. This specific multiuse product is expected to have a positive impact in our organization, to increase revenue and allowing us to expand employment.”

Additional features and benefits of the boxes include the following:

  • Collapsible to lay flat
  • Easy-grip hand holes for comfortable movement and transportation
  • Moisture-resistant plastic to maintain box walls’ strength
  • Sonic-welded walls provide smoother, crisper edges
  • Customizable by dimension
  • Available in black, blue, natural and white

Customers can also add custom printing and aftermarket accessories. To learn more about the file boxes, and request a sample or quote, visit this webpage.

About MDI
MDI is a manufacturer of standard- and custom-packaging products and production services for business-to-business customers. MDI has operated as a successful, nonprofit, social enterprise for over 50 years, providing meaningful jobs for people with disabilities in an inclusive work environment. Employees with and without disabilities work together to provide outstanding products and industry-leading customer service. The organization has four locations across Minnesota: Cohasset, Grand Rapids, Hibbing and Minneapolis.