More capability. More business. More jobs.

The timing is right for you to help purchase machinery for MDI to enter the foam packaging business. Foam is custom- designed to protect products during manufacturing, transport, storage and display and can be cut into any shape and size for electronics, medical, automotive, retail, and more.

Three machines will help MDI transform our business:
Hot Melt Gluer: $8,400
With two hoses and multiple glue guns this piece of machinery can allow up to 10 employees working on multiple units of a project at once for maximum efficiency.

Mounted Hot Roller: 12″ for $4,000, 30″ for $6,000
Sheets of die-cut foam are fed through this machine and quickly inserted into custom packaging for the customer’s product and its protection.

This new line of business increases the value MDI delivers to business-to-business customers for reusable, protective, and sustainable packaging and gives employees with and without disabilities, working shoulder-to-shoulder, the opportunity to learn new skills. Talk about job impact.

Invest in great jobs for people with disabilities. ‘Support Our Mission‘ now.