A workforce that empowers everyone is good for job seekers as well as job creators.

Observed each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates all about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.

Read this week’s featured individuals and why they feel an inclusive and integrated environment empowers all!

Bryan: Print Lead

“Having a job gives people responsibilities; it allows people to achieve goals and promotes self-worth. I like that everyday I get to work with a broad range of abilities.”

Nick: Board of Directors
“People with disabilities have amazing opportunities at MDI. These opportunities are not that different than the goals of everyone else in the world; to contribute, be valued, make viable wages and live lives like everyone else. I wish more people and companies fostered the same approach!”

 Steve: Production Assembler

“I feel empowered working at an inclusive environment because it has given me more confidence. I’ve overcome my shyness and learned new work skills. It’s all because of MDI’s dedicated support staff who understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. They provide motivation, support, and structure which has helped me strive to achieve personal goals inside and outside of work.”

Dwight: Production Assembler

“When I was staying at home, I felt like I lost my purpose of being. My job (at MDI) has saved my life. It has helped me to re-establish myself in the working world and has given me a purpose to move on with my life again.”

Kathryn: Material Recovery Specialist“I enjoy working with so many different people and appreciate the support I’ve received from staff. I’ve learned so many different jobs while at MDI Hired Hands and like that I get to rotate to different tasks during the week.”

Chris: Goff Public

“My younger brother, Ryan, was born with spina bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. When MDI approached the company I work for, Goff Public, with the opportunity to partner on public relations work, I was eager to join the team because it combines my career with one of my top passions (advocating for people with disabilities).  I feel when people think of diversity, they often think of culture, socioeconomic status, and even age. Individuals with disabilities are often forgotten in conversations about diversity.”

Denise: Production Assembler

“I love working with individuals from different backgrounds; we all work together as a team! I feel empowered at MDI to learn new work skills and to learn how to deal with my frustrations appropriately. I get to rotate and try new jobs and the employment support staff encourages me to do my best.”