Every day, people with disabilities can and do make important contributions to businesses.

Rather than be defined by their disability, these individuals are the sum of their many life roles — which includes working at a job they love. MDI creates self-sufficiency by providing meaningful work in an inclusive environment, with nearly half of the workforce comprised of people with disabilities, working side-by-side. In support of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, MDI is highlighting someone every day of the month. Meet this weeks features and find all here.

Day 1: Rachel: Board of Director

I like MDI because everyone is an employee, able to earn wages and benefits, and have opportunities to perform and learn a variety of jobs. I am impressed with how positive, friendly, and helpful everyone is at MDI. I consider it an honor to serve as a board member. As a person with a disability, I believe everyone has talents and gifts to share and everyone deserves a good life. Having a job contributes to having a good life!

Day 2: Mike: Extrusion Process Tech

It is important for people with disabilities to have a job, so that they are able to gain the empowerment of employment. I like being part of a team as an individual and feeling good about being part of that team. I like working at MDI because I enjoy being part of a team, with an important mission.

Day 3: Kristie: Hand Assembler
I like working at MDI because the variety of jobs I learn, most recently, I learned data entry and now help with time keeping. I believe it is important for folks with disabilities to have employment and to have the opportunity to learn new job skills, also be able to interact and develop friendships with others. Employee of 28 years.
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Day 4: Trevor: Material Recovery

MDI is a cool place to work, because I get to work with friends as a team every day. Employment is important, so that a person can buy groceries, pay rent, go shopping, and do things with friends.

Day 5: Elizabeth: Line Lead

What I like about working for MDI is to see people learn new skills and grow! I believe it is important for folks with disabilities to have employment because it gives them the opportunity to live a life like everyone else – learning work skills, earning a paycheck, and paying bills!

Day 6: Shaunna: Material Recovery

I joined the Hired Hands crew 18.5 years ago – and it’s been my only job! I have liked working with everyone throughout the years and meeting new people along the way. I have done a variety of duties at MDI, which include sorting recyclables, assisting on the paper shredder, folding totes, and occasionally working on the cleaning crew. I think it’s important to have a job, so that you can take vacations, go bowling and to the movies with friends.

Day 7: Ron: Hand Assembler

I like the opportunity to learn new skills and how to run different machines. It is important for folks with disabilities to have employment, so they can begin to believe in themselves! Employee of 15 years.