Every day, people with disabilities can and do make important contributions to businesses.

Rather than be defined by their disability, these individuals are the sum of their many life roles — which includes working at a job they love. MDI creates self-sufficiency by providing meaningful work in an inclusive environment, with nearly half of the workforce comprised of people with disabilities, working side-by-side. In support of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, MDI is highlighting someone every day of the month. Meet this weeks features and find all here.


Day 15: Charlene: Production Worker
Everyone I work with is a “team player!” Employment is important for people with disabilities because of the social factor, making their own money, and jobs provide some independence. If a person didn’t have a job, they may never meet people outside their circle of family or their homes.

Day 16: Steve: Janitor
What I like is the support I receive for my job, also the resources provided to assist me with succeeding outside of work. Having set hours helps me coordinate transportation. It is important for people with disabilities to have employment opportunities to show employers in the community they are also capable of working in a variety of occupational settings. Having a job also increases a person’s self-esteem, too!

Day 17: Patricia: Hand Assembler
For me employment has really built my self-esteem, there are not many companies that will hire people with disabilities. I like that I can work hours that suite my life and that MDI hires and provides supports to individuals with disabilities.

Day 18: Missy: Hand Assemble
I like working at MDI, because the hours are accommodated to my needs. Plus, I like the people that I work with, and just the job in general. I like MDI, because it is a place where people with disabilities are able to work – just like everyone without disabilities.

Day 19: Jim: Hand Assembler

I like working at MDI, because I like what I am doing. I like making EMM totes and 1257’s. It is real work. And people with disabilities have the same right to work as everyone else!

Day 20: Roger: Material Recovery
Employment is important to me, so you have money to buy gas for your car, groceries, and can do things like fishing and go to the movies. I agree that working builds confidence, improves skills, and abilities.

Day 21: Doris: Hand Assembler
I like working at MDI, because I get to see my friends and get a paycheck, so I can buy things and go on trips! I am a 20 year employee at MDI.