A workforce that empowers everyone is good for job seekers as well as job creators.

Observed each October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates all about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.

Read this week’s featured individuals and why they feel an inclusive and integrated environment empowers all!

Dave: Material Hander
Having an inclusive workforce gives jobs to people with disabilities and puts work in our local community. For over the last 16 years, I’ve really enjoyed what I do and my coworkers are like family. MDI allows people to be self-supporting, which is empowering to everyone.


Victor: Material Handler
A job at MDI empowers people because it gives a sense of independence and worth. More companies should have an inclusive workforce because it makes the whole community a better place to live and work.


Richie: Machine Operator
We all work together to get things done. People with disabilities may need help sometimes, an example needing to sit instead of stand, or need extra time or extra help. Here we have a mixture of all people and we help each other out. It works out great! My job provides income for my son and me and I like that I’ve been here for so long that I’m comfortable doing my job and knowing what I am supposed to do.


Sara: Machine Operator
Everyone is different and should be accepted and not stigmatized! I’ve worked at MDI for a few years, and I love my job! It empowers myself and others to feel comfortable in learning skills that are repetitive, mastering those skills, then teaching them new skills at their own pace.  Everyone should be given the same opportunities, as people with disabilities can work, some just may need a little more time to do certain things.


Janelle: Hand Assembler
I like the Inclusive workplace because it’s great to be fair to everyone that wants a job. And making money is a big motivator for me! I feel empowered having a job at MDI because I get to go places and buy things that would not be possible if I didn’t work there.


Ken: Warehouse Material Handler
Having a job gives me and others self-worth and the ability to build a structured foundation in life. It’s nice to see the communication of people with and without disabilities….people are happy!


Kay: Production Worker
It helps to have a place everyone can go to and feel accepted. Not many companies have an inclusive work environment of people with and without disabilities working side by side.


Hunter: Production
I participated in MDI’s 2018 Work Skills 101 class while at the Hibbing High School. After graduating, MDI offered me a position, which I gladly took!  I’ve liked working, because it empowers me to make money to buy gaming things and gets me out of my house instead of just sitting at home.  I like the inclusive environment because they get to know people they might not otherwise meet. We all work good together as a team!


Dave: Production Worker
People feel empowered working at MDI because they are able to work and provide for themselves. Its different people, with different abilities, and you get a better understanding of each person.


Barrett: Hand Assembler
I enjoy seeing how different and how much the same we all are. I worked at MDI many years ago and recently had the opportunity to come back. It’s made me feel productive and I like earning a paycheck. I get to work with and meet bunch a different people every day.