With a monthly donation of just $10 you can provide four hours of job coaching for employees with disabilities.

At MDI employees with and without disabilities work side-by-side, manufacturing plastic containers for business-to-business customers. Employees with and without disabilities have mastered a variety of manufacturing machinery.

Our founder, John DuRand, wrote in his book The Affirmative Enterprise, “All members of society have the responsibility, and therefore the inherit right, to live contributing and participating roles in society. People with mental or physical disabilities all need and deserve an opportunity to fully participate in the betterment of society.”

We at MDI believe people with disabilities are critical to Minnesota’s economy and a tremendous asset to our workforce. MDI’s inclusive workplace gives employees with disabilities an opportunity to achieve financial independence, reducing the need for taxpayer support.

You can be a part of success. Success a person with a disability can work toward.

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