At MDI we focus on the strengths and talent of people with disabilities. Our team has made MDI a highly successful manufacturer of logistics containers and provider of services for dozens of business-to-business customers.

We are a sustainable nonprofit and a pioneer in social enterprise; the more products and services we deliver, the more jobs we create for people with disabilities.

Karen moved out of a group home and now has her own apartment, thanks to her stable job, newly acquired skills, and the emotional support received at MDI. She’s thinking about getting a kitten!

Dwight does not mince words when he says, “My job at MDI has saved my life. I have been able to re-establish myself and been given purpose again.”

After a stroke, David is regaining his range of motion and enjoys being part of a diverse team working toward customers’ tight deadlines.

Right now, MDI has over 500 employees, more than 200 of whom are people with disabilities. And our goal is to reach 2,500 by the year 2026! Each $1 donated to MDI produces a social return on investment of $4.87 – Wilder Research.

Your generosity provides career training and support for people with disabilities to work at MDI or anywhere else they’d like. You can give them a shot at success and independence – sometimes for the first time in their lives. Consider a donation today.