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Make a Real Difference

At MDI, we recognize the challenges individuals with disabilities face in the job market, with unemployment rates often double those of the general population. Our Unified Work program, powered by MDI, aims to address this disparity by empowering individuals with disabilities through essential soft skills training, fostering independence and confidence.

Your support is crucial to sustaining the Unified Work program, ensuring it can continue offering impactful job training and skill development courses to those who need them. Join MDI in our commitment to inclusive employment opportunities and services for people with disabilities. Your donations directly contribute to the ongoing success of the Unified Work program, empowering individuals with the skills they need to thrive in the workplace

Together, we can build a world that’s more supportive for people with disabilities.


Donate Now 

Ways To Give

Your donation helps people with disabilities receive meaningful and empowering job opportunities. 

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Eligible members can allocate Thrivent Choice Dollars, directing charitable grant funds to support MDI by logging into their accounts and designating MDI.


Many employers provide monetary grants to MDI based on volunteer time. Consider serving on a committee or at one of our events to have that volunteer effort matched monetarily by your employer.

In-Kind Gifting

For those who don’t have time to volunteer but still want to make an impact. In-kind gifts of non-cash items like gift cards, vouchers and other items help support the fundraising efforts that keep our programs going.

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

A DAF charitable investment account offers an immediate tax deduction for contributions in cash, stocks or other assets — allowing donors to make efficient, tax-free donations in support of organizations like MDI.

Planned Giving/Estate Planning

Plan to make a difference through a bequest, will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement account or stocks and assets. You can show your personal compassion and set an example for others by remembering MDI in your will, trust or other planned gift. If you’d like, notify Melissa McKeever at (651) 999-8217.

Gift of Stock

To facilitate a transfer of stock we will connect your broker to MDI’s broker. To initiate the process please contact Melissa McKeever at (651) 999-8304.


Use your IRA to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to MDI. QCDs can satisfy your required minimum distributions (RMDs), if certain rules are met. Contact your IRA plan administrator and Melissa McKeever at (651) 999-8304.

Mail, Phone, Web

MDI, Attn: Donations, 3501 Broadway St. NE. Ste. 100, Minneapolis, MN 55413, call Melissa McKeever at 651-999-8287 or fill out the donation form below.

Putting Your Donation to Work

Your Gift of:





purchases supplies for a Unified Work Mobile Academy fills the gas tank to take our Unified Work vehicle to a small community in MN creates an hour of a Unified Work Academy in-person class





provides three sessions of the Unified Work Virtual class supports the Unified Work website to house our on-line learning platform helps develop one e-learning module for the new online training platform


You can double your gift to MDI by participating in your employer’s matching gift program.

Testimonials from Employees

Bruce Holm

Bruce working on commercial plastics projects

Bruce Holm

“Everyone is equal no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, or disability. We’re all imperfect pieces of a puzzle, but put together, we make a perfect picture.”

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer, a Machine Operator in Hibbing.

Jennifer Hart

“MDI challenges and trains me to perform in different areas of the work floor. Everyone is more excepting of our disabilities. I’ve enjoyed Careers Skills 101 and am looking forward to starting 201.”

Kway Ji

Kway while kitting and assembling.

Kway Ji

“MDI is a good place to work and wants everyone to succeed. If you don’t understand something, asking questions is all you need to do and Leads are there to help. I’ve never worked at a place that was so supportive of people with disabilities.”

Stacy Masog

Stacy who is a Line Lead and provides supports for all employees.

Stacy Masog

“Overcoming our differences is what makes us a great team. We all feel like a family. The company keeps all of employees in the loop and communication is good. It makes everyday a new experience.”

Leanne Miller

Leanne is sonic welding a corrugated plastic container.

Leanne Miller

"I feel less stressed here. I can become overwhelmed easy, but don’t feel that here. I get to try different things and learn skills. I even enrolled in next Career Skills class to help me learn about possibly working out tin the community."