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Placement Services

What is MDI Placement Services?
Placement Services helps people find and keep jobs in the community. We can help you with developing job seeking skills, identifying and overcoming barriers to employment, developing professional skills, and how to use community resources.

Will MDI PS be able to meet my needs??
We will make every attempt to meet your employment and training needs. However, if we are unable to meet your needs, we will suggest other services that may be more appropriate for you.

What kind of job can you help me find?
Your Placement Specialist can help you find a job that matches what you need, along with your interests and abilities. You can choose where you would like to work and the number of hours that work for you.

Who can participate in MDI Placement Services?
Placement Services provide services to people who experience barriers to working. However, our services may not be right for people who need close or constant supervision on the job. A referral to other agencies will be suggested if we cannot meet your needs.

What if I do not know how to fill out a job application or talk with an employer?
Your Placement Specialist will help you contact employers, teach you how to fill out job applications, and how to interview for a job.

Who will help me learn my job?
Your Placement Specialist and your employer will help you learn about the company you work for and help you learn about your job. Job coaching may be available to help you improve your work skills.

What do I wear to work?
Each company has a dress code. When you are hired you will learn about the dress code and will need to follow those rules.

What if I need extra help or tools to do my job?
Your Placement Specialist will give you extra help or help you get the tools you need.

What if I need accommodations or assistive technology?
Your Placement Specialist will work with employers and provide assistance with obtaining reasonable accommodations or assistive technology.

How will you help me keep my job?
Support is available to help you with issues, such as transportation and attendance, or talking with your supervisor and co-workers. If you have trouble with your duties, your Placement Specialist may be able to come to your job to support you.
How will I get to my job?
Your Placement Specialist will help you learn how to use the transportation that is available in your area to get you to and from work. We can teach you your bus route, how to use the bus, and other community transportation options.
How much will I get paid?
Your wage will be decided by your employer. Most people earn minimum wage or higher.
Who pays for my services?
MDI has various funding sources available for Placement Services. Talk with your Placement Specialist about the funding options.
Are there reasons that I might be discharged from MDI Placement Services?
You may be discharged for the following reasons: 
* If you do not show progress or are not working on meeting your vocational goals  
* If you have behaviors that are unacceptable and are unwilling to change the behaviors
* If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while working with your Placement Specialist

How can I make a complaint if I feel my rights have been taken away?
You can make a complaint using MDI's grievance procedure. A grievance gives you the chance to tell your side of the story and try to get things changed.
What do I do to file a complaint?
1. Tell your Placement Specialist or anotherEmployment Services staff member about your complaint. They will provide you with an answer within 24 hours.
2. If you don't like that answer, tell someone who works with you to help you write it down and give it to the Director of Employment Services. The Director will try to help you and give you an answer in writing within seven days.
3. If you don't like that answer, the complaint can go to the President and CEO, who will try to help you and give you an answer in writing within 14 days.
What are my Rights?
Your rights while working with MDI's Employment Services will be shared with you when you start to work with your Placement Specialist.