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Plastic Agricultural Bins & Produce Harvesting Containers

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Farmers, harvesters, and nursery growers need to produce and protect quality crops to yield top-dollar. MDI corrugated plastic boxes work to cushion, transport, and display fresh produce, nuts, seedlings, and flowers.

Our sustainable plastic containers are used in the field as harvest picking trays and carriers, as well as in-plant storing and stacking. The produce harvesting containers can also be used inside hot or cold processing facilities and while transporting or displaying. Harvesters choose our boxes for easy field identification, galvanized steel handles, and weather resistance. Growers desire our tree wrap because of its two-sided sunlight reflection or deflection.

Plastic Agricultural Bin Solutions:

  • Deliver protection & reduce damage
  • Provide convenient stacking & nesting
  • Provide reusability & creating cost savings in return
  • Offer moisture control (with optional fumigation holes)
  • Are made of food grade, high-density plastic

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Our Plastic Solutions in Action

Large agriculture grower uses MDI totes and trays to move crop from field to plate. The journey begins in the harvest field where boxes come pre-assembled for field workers. The fruit is hand harvested into the lightweight plastic box. Once full, it is weighed, and equipped with a unique box label to keep owner specific goods separate from other companies.

Full of fruit, the box is then safely stacked onto a pallet and taken to a quality team who hand sorts the goods into smaller plastic containers. When empty, the box is easily wiped clean, stacked, and stored for reuse. The smaller packaged fruit is then put onto transportation trays and into cold storage. Once an order is placed, the delicate pallet of boxed fruit is loaded onto a refrigerated truck. Holes in the containers help keep safe moisture and temperature controls. Fruit arrives at the supermarket looking fresh and is displayed for purchase.