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Plastic Containers for Manufacturing

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Manufacturing facilities use corrugated plastic containers for cost reduction, lean manufacturing, and sustainability objectives. MDI corrugated plastic totes can work with material handling systems and are an asset to any lean manufacturer looking to improve the flow of products, protect goods, and increase efficiency.

Our durable plastic totes are ideal for assembly lines, picking workstations, conveyors belts, small part storage, and intra & inter-facility transport. MDI's plastic containers for manufacturing processes help move products smoothly through workstations. They can be customized with barcode tags for visual identification, hardboard for conveyor noise reduction, and handles for improved ergonomics.

Manufacturing Plastic Solutions

  • Improve the efficiency of the supply chain
  • Aid in easier identification & better inventory control
  • Stack & nest for space efficiency
  • Offer options for placards & barcodes keeping the tote traceable & trackable
  • Custom designed, including color-coding to identify destination or contents

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Our Plastic Solutions in Action

Large manufacturer uses MDI plastic products to efficiently store and move goods. The journey begins on the manufacturing floor where it once was cluttered with paper boxes but now appears tidier and safer since the company invested in reusable plastic containers. The shelves are neatly lined with color coded, barcoded hopper bins. Employees now find SKUs much easier when picking the small parts needed for final product assembly. The parts are placed into a shallow tray with dividers that move smoothly down a conveyor belt. The product is efficiently assembled and the trays are stacked, taking up minimal floor space.