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Hopper Bins

blue corrugated plastic bin

Move your products smoothly throughout the facility with our wide cut-out front opening containers. Ideal for easier picking, storage, workstation and small part separation.

Hopper bins can be customized with different front opening heights, and include barcode tags for visual identification. Available in a variety of colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, gray, and natural, as well as custom plastic colors, with option to add custom logos and graphics.

Customize sizes and styles based on specific environment and application.

Features and Applications

Product Features

  • Improves efficiency of the supply chain
  • Aids in easier identification & better inventory control
  • Stacks for space efficiency
  • Offers options for placards & barcodes keeping the tote
    traceable & trackable
  • Designs to fit custom needs, including color-coding to identify destination or content


    • Assembly lines
    • Picking workstations
    • Conveyors belts
    • Small part storage
    • Intra & inter-facility transport

    Add-On Options

    • Dividers
    • Hardboard
    • Label
    • Placards
    • Printable
    • UPC Codes
    • Velcro