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Warehouse & Distribution Center Plastic Containers

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Warehouse and distribution centers (DC) demand reliable systems that minimize operating costs and maximize picking productivity. MDI warehouse plastic containers are built to work efficiently with material handling systems, storage racks, conveyors, and manual shelving.

Our corrugated plastic containers are ideal for distributing products, storing or sorting, picking and packing, and shipping materials. MDI's plastic boxes are an economic solution for closed loop operations looking for long-lasting performance and reusability.


Distribution Center Plastic Containers Are Ideal For:

  • Saving floor space
  • Increasing productivity & picking accuracy
  • Reducing product damage
  • Providing reusability & in return cost savings
  • Fitting new & existing systems with optional custom features

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Our Warehouse Plastic Containers in Action

MDI regular slotted containers (RSC) are used by a leading Fortune 100 company in a closed loop application.

The journey begins in the distribution center where pickers easily erect the box and place on the conveyor system for product loading. Robotic arms hold the box flaps, then place chips into the box. It travels down the conveyor line and awaits transportation. The straight wall design and durable plastic provide safe handling to prevent the delicate chips from damage during picking, stacking, and transportation.

Once at the arrival destination, the lightweight and ergonomic handling makes for easy carrying, reducing fatigue time. The L-lock top opens without a knife, and the chips are then merchandised. Once emptied, the box collapses to nearly flat for space-saving stacking. It is returned to the distribution center, where it is refilled and redistributed numerous times, aiding in significant cost savings.