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Where to Buy

Are you wondering where to buy corrugated plastic? We are pleased you are interested in MDI's product or service solutions. Please contact our sales or customer service team for assistance on product and service selection, quotation or ordering. Depending on your location and application, we may further connect you with one of our strategic reseller partners.

Commercial Plastics: PE/PP Standard & Custom Sales

Bob Green, Sales Account Manager, East Region & Canada  218-313-1705
Mark Corbett, Sales Account Manager, West Region  651-999-8213

Production Services:

Scott Stelzner, Sales Account Manager, Kitting, Assembly & Packaging  651-999-8236
Nathan Trout, Sales Account Manager, Medical Assembly & Packaging  651-999-8279

Customer Service:

Jennifer Anderson, Commercial Plastics: Orders, Status & Shipping, Customers A - J  218-313-1723
Kayla Swedberg, Commercial Plastics: Orders, Status & Shipping, Customers K - Z  218-313-1774
Melissa Dezelske, Commercial Plastics: Quotes, Custom Designs & Product Information  218-313-1720
Shannon Madson, Commercial Services Kitting, Packaging & Medical  651-999-8205

MDI Hired Hands: Environmental Services

Kyle Erickson, Operations Manager  218-313-1762