Medical Alley article featuring MDI blog post.


Silicon Valley has its software and startups. And large stretches of the East Coast and the Great Lakes region are defined by the automotive industry affectionately dubbed the Rust Belt.

We’re happy to be located right here in Minnesota, where a promising presence continues to take hold: Medical Alley.

Thanks to a concentration of major Fortune 500 companies and highly reputable colleges and universities, MDI is honored to be located within Minnesota’s burgeoning medical device industry. It’s the reason why we expanded our service offerings in 2018 to the medical industry. We are motivated to help strengthen this sector and our communities.

We support this growing ecosystem of companies primarily through kitting and packaging services. As the only ISO 13485 certified nonprofit in the Midwest that’s also FDA certified, we recognize our incredibly unique position in the marketplace. We also have a mission of providing meaningful employment to untapped pools of our workforce, as almost half of our employees are people with disabilities.

“We aspire to be the vendor of choice for Medical Alley,” says MDI medical sales account manager Nathan Trout, adding that other common medical capabilities on-site include packaging and repackaging, contract production services, inspection, reinspection. “We are a solution to help you ramp up and get your products get out the door. We’re a reliable extension of your team.”

MDI proactively invested in medical services by constructing a white room at our Minneapolis plant. Opened in 2018, the white room provides a clean, isolated area for manufacturing specialty medical products.

Today, our medical services vertical has an estimated value of $1.5 million. We see tremendous growth potential in this area and look forward to increased partnerships with more remarkable companies in our region, adding to our medical portfolio which includes 3M and Cardio Medical to Vet Surgical Resources.

Since our founding in 1964, we have delivered on our signature promise of providing the highest quality production and on-time service. With decades of experience under our belt, we have positioned ourselves with flexibility and nimbleness in mind.

“MDI is the best kept secret in Minnesota. We were never in the medical market before 2018. We’re here, we’re capable, and we’re ready to partner with Minnesota’s robust medical device industry,” says Barbara Majerus, vice president of sales at MDI. “When you work with MDI, you not only get great service. You provide meaningful work for people with disabilities.” To learn more about our mission and our unique market position, please explore our website and reach out. We’d love to show you have we’re positively impacting the lives of so many in our state. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.