Hiring outsourced production services help manufacturers with scalability, but does it make sense to outsource, or should it be done in-house? When it comes to outsourcing, it’s essential to consider the value production services can bring to the table. This way, your team can focus on core competencies and grow in new directions.

Can Production Service Providers Help Manufacturers With Scalability?

 How Do Outsourced Production Services Help Manufacturers With Scalability?

A production service provider helps manufacturers with scalability because only some companies have the bandwidth internally to handle production or handle the added workload when the demand increases. A production service provider will take the burden off of the internal team and free up time so that they can focus on core competencies.

So, what exactly will an outsourced production service provider do? When you hire a production service provider like MDI, the team will produce, package, and kit products in a timely manner. The other benefit of outsourcing production services is to free up storage space. Production services can handle the packaging and kitting of products, as well as warehousing and inventory management. This way, your team doesn’t have to worry about storing products in large quantities.

Will a Production Service Provider Save Money?

Internal revenue sources can be more costly than outsourcing production and packaging services.  For example, a production service provider will have access to the latest technologies and on-site personnel that can help you scale up quickly. This means you won’t need to purchase or maintain expensive machinery or hire additional staff to handle the increased volume.

The other savings to consider is time. Hiring more staff or taking current employees away from their core responsibilities to handle production can be costly. In addition, this can lead to delayed deliveries, which could cause customer dissatisfaction and cost more money.

How Long Do Outsourcing Production Services Take?

Depending on the production service provider your team partners is a large factor in how soon products can hit the market. The process of outsourcing production services usually takes between two and four weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the order.

If you’re looking to scale quickly, MDI has a quick-turn program that can get your products to market in as little as two weeks. This will help you get ahead of the competition and increase profits.

What Productions Services Does MDI Offer?

While MDI can help manufacturers with scalability in numerous ways, we offer three core services. We can handle product production, packaging and kitting, and precision cutting.

Kitting & Assembly Services

Instead of hiring/training staff, renting additional storage space, or buying specialized equipment to package multiple items into one single unit, companies like MDI can do this for them. Kitting and assembly services help with cost savings, scalability, and efficiency.

From bundling retail products to assembling medical kits for hospitals, MDI has the internal resources to increase production quickly. For example, a small business can cut costs by having a production service company bundling several orders into one package. 

Plus, they don’t have to do it themselves so they can focus on other vital aspects of their business. The same goes for larger companies such as big box stores, hospitals, and government agencies.


Whether it’s shrink wrapping, collating, product testing, inspection, or product labeling, these affect production. Production service providers like MDI can help with all of these tasks so that products can be delivered to the customer in a timely manner. We can also help maximize the value of unsold products by inspecting, sorting, and assembling your products for resale.

Precision Cutting

Precision cutting is a vital part of quality production services. From composite materials like carbon fiber to fabrics for patient drapes,  MDI can cut any material to ensure a cost-effective and high-quality finished product.

We Help Manufacturers With Scalability

Precision Cutting, MDI,What Productions Services Does MDI Offer?

No company wants to keep their customers waiting for their products. MDI helps manufacturers and businesses with scalability so that their production process can keep up with demand without having to hire/train, buy expensive equipment, or rent additional storage space. Contact MDI today to find out how we help manufacturers with scalability.