An individual can spend months, sometimes years, applying for and obtaining Social Security disability benefits. Going back to work after a long period out of the workforce can be nerve racking on its own. Having to think about what will happen to one’s disability benefits when working can make things all the more stressful. Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program has debunked three of the biggest myths about disability benefits and work:

  1. If I try to go to work, I will automatically lose my Medicare or Medicaid.
  2. If I use my Ticket To Work, Social Security will conduct a medical review of my case, and I will lose my benefits.
  3. If my checks stop because I go to work and then I have to stop working because of my disability, I will have to reapply for benefits all over again. It took me forever to be approved for benefits and I cannot afford to wait that long again. As a result, I should not try to work.

To get more information about why each of these are myths click here or sign up for a free webinar about working and benefits being conducted by the Ticket to Work Program on January 27th.

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