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Contract Shrink Wrapping

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Don't Get Wrapped Up In The Details. Leave That To Us.

MDI offers shrink wrap packaging and palletizing services to protect your goods against environmental conditions, humidity, cold, wind, dust and other elements. Our properly skilled team, uses high quality shrink films and can safely secure your items on a pallet to provide remarkable protective coverage. In addition to providing an excellent protective seal, this wrap can be relatively easy to remove.

Why MDI Use Shrink Wrapping & Palletizing Services?

  • Capabilities to handle various sized, unitize, bulk-ship, provide long-term supply chain needs
  • Cost-competitive
  • Quick turn around

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Equipment & Product Specifications

  • Flat Packaging: Wrapping paper products, mailers, and greeting cards at a rate of 120-180 units per minute
    • Product Specifications:
      • Min: 1.5"W  x  4"L   x  1"H
      • Max: 12"W   x  18"L  x  1"H
  • Bulky Products: Side-sealing with neat trim seals on three sides of package, handling even irregular shapes with ease
    • Product Specifications:
      • Min: 1.75"W  x  4"L  x  5.5" H
      • Max: 16"W   x  48"L  x  5.5"H
  • Bundle Packs: Larger products such as case packaging & bundling
    • Product Specifications:
      • Min: 28"W  x  38"L  x  5.5" H

Other Packaging Equipment

  • Auto Delta Punch Machines & Dyes
  • Auto Feeders
  • Batch Counters
  • Belt & Roller Conveyors
  • Box Erectors
  • Hang Tab Applicators
  • Industrial Paper Cutters
  • Label & Hang Tab Applicators