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Employment Services Program

MDI, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that exists to serve people with disabilities by offering employment services and opportunities. We operate manufacturing plants in Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Minneapolis as well as a recycling facility in Deer River, Minnesota.  

MDI is a social enterprise with a business mindset; making a social impact for people with disabilities. Unlike many non-profit organizations, MDI uses its business operations as a tool for personal growth and development. The business is the engine providing MDI with the majority of its funding and opportunities for employees to develop new skills.

Composition of Employment Service Team
The Employment Services team is comprised of a director, a supervisor, three employment support specialists and one placement specialist. Team members support employees with disabilities at each of the four locations as well as supporting employee advancement  and placement services for participants through Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Itasca County Human Services. 

Description of Employment Services
MDI offers employment opportunities across its four locations as well as a job placement program that assists people with disabilities in finding employment opportunities outside of MDI.

MDI Manufacturing
MDI directly employs people with disabilities in its manufacturing facilities, providing work experience while earning competitive wages and benefits. MDI's social enterprise model operates with a workforce of both people with disabilities and without disabilities. People with disabilities develop skills with the support and training from MDI, Supervisors, Employment Services personnel and coworkers. MDI pays competitive wages and benefits to all employees. Employment Services personnel provide person centered planning, advocacy and support. MDI will work with potential employees to meet their needs with work schedules within the parameters established by MDI Operations and the hours of business.

MDI requires medical documentation of an individual's disability and will assist in obtaining medical and psychological documentation and vocational history to establish eligibility for supports from an MDI Employment Support Specialist. If more information is required MDI may arrange for psychological testing and vocational aptitude testing through local mental health agencies and / or the Workforce Centers. For more information check out our current job openings and download forms and applications.

MDI - Hired Hands (MDI HH)
MDI HH employs people with disabilities in its Environmental Services facility. General hours of service are 9 am - 2 pm, Monday through Friday. Individuals working at MDI HH receive coaching and support at the level that best supports their growth and independence. The service is paid for with a predetermined daily rate through one of the following funding sources:

  • Home and Community Based Services waivers including Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI) and Developmental Disabilities (DD)
  • County social services
  • Private pay

For more information contact our Employment Support Specialists at 218-246-8182.

MDI: Placement Services
MDI's Placement Services is a  competitive job placement program which has three full-time Placement Specialists. Our Placement Services assists individuals to seek and maintain meaningful employment. People are referred by Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services and State Services for the Blind. We also serve MDI employees who are looking for career advancement outside of MDI into other competitive employment positions. Our Placement Staff work with job seekers and referral sources to find the best employment fit for the individual using their skills, abilities and interests.

Placement Services Follow Rehabilitation Standards:

  • MDI is accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)
  • MDI is a certified vendor for MN DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services  
  • MDI is licensed by MN Department of Human Services to provide home & Community based services (245D)
  • MDI is an Itasca County Health and Human Services vendor

For more information contact Jeanne Eglinton at 651-999-8283.

Success Stories 

Jenny Scheerer


Working at MDI has given me more confidence in myself to try new jobs and produce quality work for our customers.

Joffre Davila Carpio


I am taking English classes to improve my communication skills. My greatest accomplishment is that I became a U.S. Citizen! I want the people at MDI to know that I like working here and they help me out when I need it.

David Johnson


Having this job has helped me continue my recovery from a stroke. MDI is the springboard that is helping me move forward in my life to achieve future goals.