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Medical manufacturers require clean packaging solutions that are hygienic and have the ability to sterilize with low particulates. MDI corrugated plastic boxes, dividers, and trays support many ISO-certified and six sigma operations by protecting incoming parts and outgoing products from damage.

Our plastic packaging and custom dividers are ideal for storing, handling, and protecting fragile vials, syringes, tubes, and medical equipment. MDI medical plastic storage containers are ideal for color coding and organization to save time, better utilize lab storage, and reduce errors.

Medical Plastic Solutions

  • Provide a natural cushion for shock absorption
  • Wipe clean yet durable to resist most chemical spills
  • Withstand temperature variability, making them ideal for refrigerator use
  • Do not release particles into air like paper or cardboard
  • Can be customized

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Our Plastic Solutions in Action

A medical company uses MDI custom containers with dividers to help deliver orthopaedic parts safer and for less.

The story begins when a medical manufacturer is looking for an alternative solution to a bulky molded plastic sales case.  An interchangeable custom case (with Velcro, dividers, and a handle) was designed using corrugated plastic to provide a lighter, more ergonomic product case.  Because of the new design, the cases can be shipped via a less expensive method and stored inside to reduce internal parts damage. Both aiding in a significant cost savings and high return on investment.